To create a breathable world for everyone with our microfiber innovations.


At Airdry, our mission is to create inclusive apparel that prioritizes safety and sensitivity to materials. We are dedicated to educating the public about the importance of comfort and safety as essential aspects of our daily essentials. Additionally, we strive to revolutionize microfiber and establish it as the new favorite in the world of fabric production. 

Our Story

The idea of Airdry Microfiber first started when the founder noticed the lack of awareness towards the innovation of fabric for the clothes we wear, as well as the items that come into contact with our skin on a daily basis. Therefore in 2019, Airdry Microfiber was established not only to produce microfiber products that provides better protection for our skin, but also with better practical benefits and utility.

Airdry Microfiber very quickly established a name and attracted international attention, making it the first 'Made In Malaysia' innovated microfiber products of export quality. We are commited to educate the world to understanding how versatile a fabric can be, and how many features and benefits can be built into a microfiber fabric.

What Inspired us? 

Your skin acts as the protective shield to guard your body against all kind of elements such as harsher sun, micro and unfriendly substances, chemicals and pollutants. We believe this important part of our body deserves the right to breathe, and everyone around the world deserves nothing less than being treated well with breathable fabrics too.

Therefore Airdry Microfiber aims to protect your safety, health and well-being without compromising in functionality, style and accessibility. These drive us to produce a full range of high-performing fabrics.

Embracing Safe and Performance-Driven Apparel for All

At Airdry, we believe in making apparel inclusive for everyone while prioritizing safety and sensitivity to materials. Our focus is on creating products that are free from harmful dyes, allowing you to feel confident about the materials touching your skin and those of your loved ones. We understand that comfort and safety are intertwined, and both are essential aspects of our daily essentials.

With our expertise in fabric creation, we aim to provide extraordinary performance along with the assurance of safe products. We are committed to challenging norms and making safer products available to all. Investing in high-quality fabric materials is not just about enhancing performance; it is an act of self-love and care for your body.

  • Airdry Microfiber™ Fabric Technology is unique in its ability to enhance sensations conveyed by the material as it relates to our individualised sense of touch. The purpose of clothing can now go beyond funcion and style but extends also to feel.

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  • At Airdry Microfiber, we proudly offer partners enhanced fabrications with Airdry's technology. Together, we create high-quality microfiber products that excel in performance and comfort. Our commitment is to collaborate with partners, developing innovative products and elevating existing ones, to deliver the finest microfiber technology for lasting value.

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