What is Airdry Technology? 

At Airdry Microfiber, we are dedicated to pushing the limits of fabric technology to create the most comfortable and high-performing microfiber fabrics possible. Our team of technical experts is always seeking new ways to innovate our microfiber fabrics so that they can offer you the best possible experience. We strive to create microfiber innovations to suit every environment, from the gym to the office to the outdoors. Airdry Microfiber's mission is to transform the way people feel about their clothing. Our fabrics allow the skin to breathe and come alive, connecting with the elements of earth, water, fire, and air. Our innovative approach to fabric technology has expanded the purpose of clothing beyond just function and style, to include the way it feels on the skin. With Airdry Microfiber™ fabrics, you can experience a new level of comfort, allowing you to move freely and feel confident throughout the day.

Type of

Discover our diverse range of microfiber fabrications, tailored to suit various activities and lifestyles. Crafted with precision to meet the specific demands of different pursuits, our fabrics offer a perfect balance of performance and comfort. From intense workouts to outdoor adventures, and even everyday activities, find the ideal fabric that enhances your experience. Elevate your comfort with the perfect fabrication for your chosen activities and embrace a new level of performance.

The Four Sense

Airdry Microfiber™ products are designed with the four elements of nature - water, air, fire, and earth - in mind. This design approach is intended to provide individuals with a sense of relaxation, breathability, balance, and energy. The microfiber fabric used in these products is specially designed to offer comfort, durability, and functionality, making them ideal for those who value both style and comfort.

Water | Relaxation

Cooling and flows with your body movements.
Unrestrained, unstoppable and nourishes the largest organ of the body, the skin.

Air | Breathability

Extra light with an airy sensation. While it does not seek to suffocate your skin, it allows for easier breathability and makes you feel as if you are wearing nothing.

Earth | Balance

Like the earth, Airdry Microfiber™ holds your body securely, giving you the confidence to be yourself.

Fire | Energetic

A sophisticated fabric that regulates the optimum body temperature for all kinds of activities.

Texture Construction

Airdry Microfiber™ features a range of innovative microfiber fabrics, each with its unique texture, appearance, and functionality. To understand how different texture construction can provide different functions, these different textures are similar to the varying treads found on different car tires, engineered for specific functions such as comfort, road-hugging performance, or safety. The same philosophy applies to Airdry's fabric technology, with the 3D Airspacer fabric designed to provide a delicate balance of contact and release, hold and flow. This fabric is constructed to create a layer of 3-dimensional space that feels as if it's floating above the skin, rather than lying flat against it.

Redefining comfort

We are dedicated to redefining what it means to be comfortable. With the softness and unparalleled comfort that microfiber has to offer, we firmly believe that the future of fabrications lies in the next era of microfiber. Our commitment to providing you with the best possible fabrication means that we are constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries to bring you fabrics that meet your needs from day to night. Whether you are looking for a fabric that feels soft against your skin, provides breathability, or delivers optimal performance during physical activities, our microfiber fabrics have got you covered.

Reimagining Possibilites

At Airdry, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of microfiber innovation and exploring new possibilities in fabric design. Our team of local in-house technical experts are passionate about understanding the nature and performance of microfiber technology, and strive to create fabrics that not only meet but exceed your expectations. With our commitment to quality and innovation, we believe that the future of microfiber is full of endless possibilities, and we are excited to continue reimagining what is possible with this versatile material.

Experiencing sensations

Our Airdry Microfiber™ fabrication technology is designed to elevate your sensory experience, and we take pride in offering a range of microfiber fabrics with unique sensations. Each fabric is tailored to meet your specific needs, from lightweight and breathable options that feel like a second skin to body-hugging fabrics that provide comfort and warmth. With our focus on fabric innovation, we strive to create products that not only meet but exceed your expectations of what microfiber can offer.