About the Team

Airdry Microfiber proudly collaborates with Pink Challengers, a dedicated group of individuals engaged in dragon boating as part of their cancer recovery journey. This resilient team of survivors, ranging from their 50s to 70s, plays a vital role in spreading awareness, primarily by encouraging others to prioritize regular medical check-ups for early cancer detection. Their commitment extends to active participation in various competitions, recently contributing to the global awareness effort at a festival hosted by the International Breast Cancer Paddlers' Commission (IBCPC) in New Zealand.

Research validates that the physical challenge of dragon boat paddling serves as an effective post-treatment strategy for breast cancer survivors, with its rhythmic rowing movement aiding in preventing lymphedema—a prevalent complication following breast cancer treatment. Beyond its physical benefits, being part of a team proves to be an empowering and life-affirming experience for survivors, fostering meaningful connections. The Pink Challengers hope to give support and encouragement to those who are in the same boat - journeying through breast cancer diagnosis, treatement, and recovery - while showing the world that there is a meaningful and fulfilling life even after cancer. Pink Challengers welcome individuals from all walks of life to join them.

Through our collaboration, the primary objective is to extend the reach of awareness for breast cancer, working together to amplify impact and deepen understanding of this crucial cause, all encapsulated in the spirit of  "Paddle for Courage, Strength, and Change”